Our Mission

Our mission at Hope Academy & Preschool is to be a Center that is dedicated to loving your child and to help grow and guide the little minds of tomorrow. By using a curriculum that integrates a faith-based lesson each week, as well as educational content, kindergarten readiness, and active play, we are building the foundation of knowledge and success.


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Better Beginnings

Raising Hope is a Better Beginnings Facility. Click the link below for more info.

What People Say

Hayley Catherine

a year ago
We love this daycare and have two children, soon to be three attending. We have been in essentially every one of the rooms with their age ranges. My children have learned and gained great social skills and love their teachers. Would recommend to anyone.

What People Say

Kacie Parrish
2 reviews

a year ago
We love this facility! Our little one has grown and learned so much from being here. The teachers have formed a great relationship with our daughter and keep us, as parents, very including in how she is doing and what is going on. They use the brightwheel app and so we know how long she’s napping, how much she’s eating, if any “incidents” happen, and get photos throughout the day. They are great to work with you on whatever is going on and we feel very comfortable and confident in them caring for our baby!


What People Say

Jody Grant

1 review
3 years ago
Raising Hope has been an awesome school for my kids. Very loving/caring teachers. I highly recommend for those looking for a daycare.

What People Say

Adam Hammond
3 years ago
I love this daycare. My daughter has gone to this daycare for over 1 year. The staff is so genuine and caring. The thing I like the most is that the staff focuses on teaching the children to respect each other. Every time a child arrives in the morning, the teacher(s) smile really big and yell, “it’s <child’s name>!” All of the kids follow suit. All of the kids refer to each other as friends and are excited to see each other every day. It makes me smile.

What People Say

Amanda Forslund
8 reviews

2 years ago
Choosing a caregiver was challenging and worrisome. It was awful leaving our son at a daycare he hated. We visited multiple places but they were dirty, the teachers acted more like babysitters, or it just seemed chaotic. Then we looked at Raising Hope.
I can’t say enough good things about this team and the programs they run. They provide a clean environment, structured learning, creative outlets, and physical play. How do I know they do all this….I receive updates and pictures throughout the day EVERYDAY. Not once since coming to Raising Hope has my son said “I don’t want to go to school.” I love this place and am so thankful we found them!

What People Say

kunal s lawtawar
Local Guide ・37 reviews

a year ago
Awesome preschool and daycare.


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