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You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!

Jack Smith

Central Asia - Pray for students who attended summer camps. Pray all that God did in their lives at camp would stick with them and help them grow deeper in their faith.

Laos - Pray for a student at the Hmong Bible School. He was arrested while attending a worship service in another village and was accused of evangelizing.

Turkmenistan - Pray for a secret home group who recently had its leader arrested and place of meeting taken from them.

Philippines - Pray for students at Mindanao State University who were held hostage by Islamic State militants.

Indonesia - Pray for the church to be more intentional and bold in sharing the gospel to Muslims, and that they will lead the way in the fight against hate speech and violence.

Received: October 17, 2017


Prayer requesting; 1) God to mend and restore Bobby and I broken relationship so that it will be loving, grow, & have consistency. 2) Heal my grieving heart and remove my depression & anxiety. 3) To protect, cover, guide, & order the plans of my children lives. 4) Bless grandmother who both have terminal cancer 5) Give DJ the wisdom to get through school. 6) Mental status & safety of my son as well as the relationship between he & I. 7) Give me clear direction on what to do moving forward with my life.

Received: October 11, 2017

Jack Smith

Yemen - Pray for the more than 10,000 people who have been killed and millions who remain displaced due to the conflict in the country. Yemen is one of the strictest Muslim countries and Christians are among the country's most vulnerable groups.

Jordan - Pray for the refugee crisis would provide an opportunity for many to hear the gospel.

Middle East - Pray for families returning to their villages in the Nineveh Plain. Pray for their continued safety as they rebuild their lives.

Nigeria - Pray for refugees returning to safe areas. Pray against the treatment of Christians as second class citizens.

Philippines -Pray for students taking the Youth Kairos trainings, as well as the facilitators leading these trainings. Pray that this will be an effective way for them to be a witness to their neighbors.

Received: October 10, 2017

Jack Smith

Malaysia - Pray for the protection of Pastor Koh's family as they continue to seek answers for his disappearance through local and international activist groups.

Central Asia - Pray for a pastor leading a deaf church that is constantly being attacked by spiritual warfare. Pray for peace for him and his ministry.

Sri Lanka - Pray for Pastor Sampath. He stood up to a mob outside his home and was injured.

Central Asia - Pray for Pastor Mirab who was arrested under the charges of "extremism and inciting religious hatred" after being questioned and having his home searched by authorities.

Received: October 5, 2017

Jack Smith

Iran - Pray for Iranian Christian converts in Rasht facing various charges for their faith.

North Korea - Pray for Khanh who was beaten by his own brother leaving him very injured because of his faith.

India Pray for a believer who worked for India Mission. They were beaten with sticks and badly injured.

Sudan - Pray for a church elder who was fatally stabbed while trying to protect church members from an angry mob.

Central African Republic - Pray for the family of Ange-Apoleon Ngakolada, a pastor and father of eight, who was murdered in his sleep by ex-Seleka forces.

Received: October 4, 2017

Jack Smith

Sudan - Pray for Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church which is under constant persecution from the government. They send illegal committees and try to sell the church's property.

Central Asia - Pray for the wives of imprisoned pastors. They have been denied time to speak with their husbands.

Turkey - Pray for Nadina. After suffering from stress associated with persecution at her church, she lost her baby.

Tajikistan - Pray for Miriam. She is being abused for her faith by relatives. Her mother beat her and demanded she renounce Christ.

Central Asia - Pray for 12 believers who are facing heavy fines ($850 each) after being discovered having a secret meeting.

Indonesia - Pray for former governor Ahok. He lost reelection and Indonesia continues to face uncertain times.  

Received: October 1, 2017

James Smith

James Smith, from Ft. Smith, AR came by the church today and asked that we add him to our prayer list as he was recently diagnosed with ALS. Please pray for healing, strength and hope for James and his family as they navigate this challenging season of their lives.

Received: September 29, 2017

Jack Smith

Sudan - Pray for a school in Sudan which was recently under attack by an angry mob.

Comoros - Pray for house churches who are spied on and denied the right to distribute Bibles.

Columbia - Columbia is implementing policies that promote peace and an end to the conflict with the communist guerrillas of the FARC. Pray that the Columbian church will be successful in this.

QATAR - Pray for fellowship within Qatar and more openness to other religions.

Central Asia - Pray that believers in this region will be able to use their gifts to bring others to Christ and help their communities.

Received: September 15, 2017

Jack Smith

India - Pray for Pastor Sikandar Kumar who was attacked with a sword by the Hindu extremists.

Undisclosed Country - Pray for a family of refugees whose son is under very heavy spiritual attack, which is causing turmoil in his parent's ministry.

Nigeria - Pray for a recent attack against farmers of Nigeria. Twelve Chrisitans (including women and children) were killed in a graphic nature.

Saudi Arabia - Pray for Christian migrant workers to witness powerfully to their abusive employees.

Syria - Pray for the protection of migrant believers leaving and entering the country.

Received: September 11, 2017

Jack Smith

Central Asia - Pray for pastor Vadim. He has gout, which is progressing very quickly as a result of great stress.

China - Pray for Pastor Tammar. He is leading a church of young believers. They have no registration and had a police raid recently.

Malaysia - Continue to pray for the situation surrounding Pastor Koh, and how his disappearance is affecting his family and church.

Sri Lanka - Pray for Pastor Sampath. He stood up to a mob outside his home and was hit with a pole.

Received: September 4, 2017

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